Strategy Spotlight: Axiom US Small Cap Equity Strategy

At Axiom Investors, we have a successful 20+ year track record of global growth investing and we benefit from sharing ideas across geographies, sectors, and market caps. We believe that our approach to incorporating a global view when investing in U.S. small capitalization companies is critical today as these companies broadly derive more than 20% of their revenues from outside the United States (Source: Jefferies). Our fundamental, bottom-up investment philosophy and process is designed to isolate quality businesses who are experiencing Dynamic Growth at reasonable valuations and with healthy balance sheets. Many small capitalization companies are in a period of innovation yielding positive change and tracking ahead of market expectations.

Axiom’s US Small Cap Equity Strategy is led by two of our partners and senior portfolio team members. David Kim, CFA, is the Lead Portfolio Manager and Matthew Franco, CFA, is the Co-portfolio Manager. They have been collaborating together for over 14 years and created the Axiom US Small Cap Strategy in 2006, leading the strategy since its since inception.

To learn more about the US Small Cap Equity Strategy and Axiom’s consistent, empirical, forward-looking process, click here.