The Axiom Approach

Axiom’s fundamental, consistent, and transparent Dynamic Growth philosophy is implemented through a clearly defined, well-structured, and empirical process.

Our Alpha Drivers

By focusing on three clearly defined alpha drivers, our objective is to compound capital over the long-term and deliver risk-adjusted relative outperformance by fundamentally investing in quality, dynamic growth businesses.

Forward-looking, empirical focus on medium-term fundamental operational drivers to invest ahead of the curve before positive changes are recognized in management forecasts or consensus estimates.

Sustainable performance tailwinds from compounding of earnings with focus on underlying organic growth rate, profitability, returns, cash generation, balance sheet integrity and ESG alignment.

Holistic assessment of valuation to confirm upside potential and mitigate downside risks.

Our Investment Process


Ahead of the curve idea generation influenced by identification of fundamental, forward looking, quantifiable operational accelerations leveraging Axiom’s proprietary research database, Axware, powered by an experienced, cohesive investment team.


Holistic assessment of all key micro and macro stock drivers calibrated both in absolute terms as well as relative to market expectations to arrive at a consistent, proprietary, and transparent firmwide risk and return rating.


Disciplined portfolio construction based upon the continuously updated Axiom risk and return ratings emphasizing diversified sources of alpha while targeting high active share, reasonable tracking error, upside participation and downside protection.


Continuous re-evaluation of the risk and return ratings of each holding through a consistent cycle of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly collaborations sustaining disciplined portfolio construction.

Differentiated Approach to ESG

We believe that positive changes in the ESG characteristics of companies can influence their relative share price performance and we fully integrate this forward-looking approach to ESG into our Dynamic Growth philosophy and investment process.

Our approach to ESG

The Axiom Advantage / Investments

Keeping Data in Perspective

Keeping Data in Perspective

Axiom leverages a disciplined, empirical process to enhance the power of fundamental human investment insight. Our consistent approach creates research synergies magnifying the ability of each strategy to identify and track business inflections and stay ahead of the curve.

The Axware Edge

The Axware Edge

Axware, our proprietary research data base, leverages the insights of our experienced, collaborative investment team and consistent firm-wide dynamic growth philosophy helping Axiom to stay ahead of the curve as we uncover fundamental inflections that reveal themselves through our differentiated ability to integrate diverse data across geographies, sectors, capitalizations and strategies.

Proprietary Risk/Return Rating

Proprietary Risk/Return Rating

Axiom’s fundamental research is translated into a consistent, firm-wide risk and return rating which drives security selection and portfolio construction. Designed to build portfolios with well balanced risk/return characteristics, our proprietary and transparent risk and return ratings process provides a clear and holistic investment framework across all strategies.