Axiom’s approach to ESG emphasizes active engagement and advancing positive change

Axiom has integrated ESG into both alpha generation and risk management since the inception of the firm in 1998, with a differentiated focus on engaging and investing in companies committed to improving their sustainability profile.

Axiom PRI Reporting Scorecard

Strategy & Governance A+
Listed Equity – Incorporation A+
Listed Equity – Active Ownership A

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Ahead of the Curve Responsible Investing

  1. Focus on engagement opportunities and investing ahead of ESG improvements
  2. Active engagement with portfolio companies to enhance ESG performance
  3. ESG Criteria integrated into our proprietary risk AND return ratings
  4. Continuous ESG monitoring captured in our Axware research database and reviewed regularly
  5. ESG integrated into our proxy voting policies and shareholder initiatives
  6. Senior leadership across all departments sustaining our holistic firm wide approach

ESG in Our Investment Process


ESG improvements are integrated into our forward looking, fundamental idea generation, with potential ESG enhancement evaluated by our experienced investment team


Current ESG status and the direction of ESG changes are assessed holistically and incorporated into our firmwide, consistent, fact based, risk and return rating system that drives portfolio construction


ESG status and improvements contribute to risk and return ratings that inform portfolio construction and company engagements


Continuous monitoring of ESG developments results in proactive adjustment to risk and return rating, portfolio positioning, management engagements and proxy voting

Axiom Policies

Axiom is committed to responsible investing and stewardship. Our efforts are well-defined and robust. We implement these policies to ensure sustainable business practices both as investors as well as a company. At a firm level, we are actively focused on reducing paper, water and energy waste, maintaining an efficient office including promoting the use of mass transit where feasible.

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