Experienced & Committed
A collaborative & proven team


Client Focused & Aligned
100% employee owned & invested alongside our clients


Consistent & Transparent
Forward looking & repeatable approach

Axiom Investors

  • Our collaborative, investor-led partnership has sustained a client-focused culture of excellence and alignment since our founding in 1998.
  • We believe the right process paired with the right people working together in an aligned culture unlocks the full power of Dynamic Growth investing.
  • Forward-looking, fundamental, growth stock selection that integrates a consistent vision with a proven repeatable investment approach.
  • Committed to serving outstanding institutional investors globally, with a track record of client success, dedicated stewardship, and transparency.

The Axiom Advantage

One Firm, One Vision

One Firm, One Vision

Axiom pairs a cohesive vision with consistent, collaborative implementation.

A shared framework and transparent process allows the team to translate insights into action, ensuring disciplined portfolio construction to achieve client objectives.

Client Aligned & Transparent

Client Aligned & Transparent

Investor led and employee owned with partners stewarding every facet of our business, we have maintained our commitment to transparency and client outcomes throughout our 20+ year history.

We take pride in our culture of excellence and accountability, as evidenced by our long-term client partnerships and net-of-fee outperformance across all strategies since inception.

Commitment to Process

Commitment to Process

We have implemented our fundamental Dynamic Growth investment philosophy and disciplined portfolio construction process across all strategies since our firm’s inception in 1998.

We believe that our organizational structure, proprietary tools and focus on best ideas will enable us to continue meeting client objectives.

Net of fee outperformance across all strategies since inception*

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US dollar terms. Please see Investment Disclosures for important information regarding Axiom products and strategies. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

*Applies to all long-only equity strategies with a track record greater than three years. Axiom manages eight long-only equity strategies. The Global Small Cap Equity Strategy currently has a track record of less than three years. Outperformance is relative to the indicated benchmark


Global Partnerships for the Long-Term

Serving sophisticated investors around the world, we are focused on meeting our client’s objectives and developing transparent, long-term relationships.






Client Relationships 5+ Years


Non-US Client Assets

As of 6/30/24

*Assets include Assets Under Management ($23.2B) & Assets Under Advisement ($0.6B).