Strategy milestone: reaching the Axiom Emerging Markets World Equity Strategy’s five year track record

Axiom Investors marks the five year anniversary of the Axiom Emerging Markets World Equity Strategy. As of June 30, 2019 the Strategy outperformed the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (net) by 2.57%, annualized since inception. As of June 30, 2019, Axiom Investors collectively manages $7.5 billion in dedicated emerging markets assets.

The Axiom Emerging Markets World Equity Strategy is led by Andrew Jacobson, CFA, Axiom’s Chief Investment Officer. Andrew is supported by Co-Portfolio Managers Christopher Lively, CFA and José Gerardo Morales, CFA. In addition to significant overlap with the Axiom Emerging Markets Equity portfolio, the Strategy is less constrained and has the added ability to invest in a wider universe of companies, such as: stocks with nearer term catalysts, small and microcap stocks, frontier stocks and emerging market revenue stocks all utilizing Axiom’s consistent, firm-wide, Dynamic Growth philosophy and process.

Providing greater access and convenience for our clients, the Strategy is also available via the Pear Tree Axiom Emerging Markets World Equity Fund (QFFOX / QEMAX / QFFRX). Axiom Investors is the single manager subadvisor to the Fund which employs the Axiom Emerging Markets World Equity Strategy and exemplifies the experience of Axiom Investors’ accomplished emerging markets portfolio management team.

Axiom Investors welcomes inquiries about the Strategy directly to any of the firm’s Client Service and Marketing team members or to [email protected].