Axiom Speaker Series: Redington

Axiom hosted the firm’s first “Axiom Speaker Series” in December, designed to engage with institutional investors, consultants, and other subject matter experts in a collaborative way. The Speaker Series will encompass a variety of investment and organizational related topics with the goal of cultivating Axiom’s understanding of key themes and trends.

The guest speaker for the first event was Redington, an independent investment consultant based in the UK. Nick Samuels, Head of Manager Research, and Alessia Lenders, Responsible Investment Associate, spoke about their responsible investing goals and current areas of focus, their research process when selecting managers, and their views on Axiom’s holistic integration of ESG considerations throughout the investment process and organization.

Axiom looks forward to continuing the Series in 2021. If you have an interest in participating in a future event, please reach out to Lindsay Chamberlain.