Axiom Speaker Series: Pengana Capital

Axiom hosted the firm’s third “Axiom Speaker Series” in September, designed to engage with institutional investors, consultants, and other subject matter experts in a collaborative way. The Speaker Series will encompass a variety of investment and organizational related topics with the goal of cultivating Axiom’s understanding of key themes and trends.

The guest speaker for this event was Pengana Capital, an Australia-based funds management company. Adam Myers, Executive Director, shared his thoughts on ESG trends and innovation in Australia, a market that has been on the leading edge of responsible investing for many years. As a firm, our motivation for pursuing responsible investment lies in our belief that taking a holistic approach to stock selection, inclusive of the analysis and review of relevant ESG factors, gives us the ability to generate alpha while fulfilling our fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients. We believe that positive changes in the ESG alignment of a company can influence relative share price performance in a way that is directly correlated with our approach.

Axiom looks forward to continuing the Series in 2023. If you have an interest in participating in a future event, please reach out to [email protected].